Apartment Rent in Kiev for EURO 2012 / Квартира посуточно Киев на евро 2012

Отличная 4-х комнатная квартира на Оболони, возле метро Минская,всего 2 минуты пешком. Прямая ветка до Олимпийского Стадиона где будет ЕВРО 2012. Зеленый двор,бювет и пляж под домом сделает ваше проживание более чем комфортным. В квартире есть 9 спальных мест, 6 из них раздельные. Два санузла; сауна,джакузи. В квартире есть все необходимое для комфортного проживания. Уборка раз в 7 дней входит в стоимость аренды посуточно.

4 room (3 bedroom) apartment in Kiev daily for EURO 2012. Huge apartment near metro Minska, only 2 min. walk and straght lane to Olympic Stadium where EURO 2012 will take place. Apartment has everything for comforable living for 9 people. Apartment is also very close to the river and beach. For more information please contact us kievperfectrent@gmail.com


Apartments Accommodation in Kiev Center for EURO 2012 in Kiev

A great number of fans are planing to travel to Kiev, Ukraine for EURO 2012. They say in will not be not enough rooms in hotels in Kiev for all the guests. Most hotels are pretty much booked already. Apartment rent in Kiev is the best and probably only alternative for fans for EURo 2012 in Kiev. Euro 2012 hosts, Ukraine and Poland  can potentially accommodate bout half of coming guests. But KievPerfectRent team can help with apartments in Kiev for daily rent. We can offer apartments in Kiev center and very close to center even houses for many guests for good price. Of course there is another budget alternative for football fans to stay in Kiev for UEFA 2012 — camps,hostels, nursing homes and other alternative facilities. But apartment for daily rent is way better. You get fully equipped apartment for comfortable living much cheaper then you would in hotel especially if you are planing to rent for a month, we have good discounts for long periods even in June. So please be free to contact us and ask us about Apartments Rent in Kiev center for daily rent.