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Some come to Kiev to visit the ancient domes of St. Sophia’s Cathedral, others to pay their homage at the sacred Caves Monastery. Still more come to visit Independence Square and the heart of the Orange Revolution or to enjoy the pedestrian bustle of Kreshatyk Street. However, of all the many fine reasons to visit Kiev, there can’t be many finer than to sample the legendary Kiev nightlife!

From bog-standard boozers to elite cocktail joints, from classy casinos to scintalliting strip clubs, from underground rock venues to hands-in-the-air house havens, Kiev has got a bit of everything — and whichever nightspot you happen to visit, it’s normally going off at a hundred miles an hour.


If you’re more of a bar lizard than club fiend, then you may want to start the night in either one of Kiev’s popular Irish pubs. O’Briens is a good bet for the genuine pub atmosphere, whilst Golden Gate is a bit more upmarket. For those however you couldn’t think of anything worse than coming all the way to Kiev only to find themselves listening to a whacky Paddy talking crap about Leprechauns or some such rubbish, then go authentic Ukrainian at one of Kiev’s finest beer taverns. Shato and Viola’s Bierstube both serve excellent brews in a fun and friendly environs. Meanwhile cool cats will want to head forAntresol and Babuin to hang out with fellow artistic types and get the lowdown on the murky world of Ukrainian politics. Live music aficionados meanwhile should head to Dockers for a heady mix of rock and vodka.

Once you’ve got a few beers and vodkas under your belt, it’s time to explore Kiev’s nightlife proper. Kiev’s nightclubs take some seeing to be believed thanks to their raucous atmosphere, full on hedonism and — let’s face it — ridiculously good looking girls. In fact many clubs operate a strict face control policy, only letting the cutest girls through the threshold. Whilst such shallow and prejudiced behaviour can’t possibly be condoned it does have rather spectacular results… If you fancy seeing them for yourself then put on your smartest shirt and shoes and head down to the likes of Faberge, Decadence House or Arena. The latter is one of the best nightclubs in town, with fine house music and even finer cheekbones on display. An excellent option for those that fancy something slightly less pretentious is PaTiPa, which still boasts stunning women but is a little younger, fun and friendlier. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to be in Kyiv in sweltering summer then a night at Privilege is a must. Yes, the same Privilege that has the cool kids of Ibiza in a spin has it’s own branch in Kiev. An open air party under the stars, just by the Dynamo Kiev stadium. Unforgettable!

Kiev is truly a party-goers paradise, and fans of nightlife really can’t go wrong. Bring your suavest clubbing gear and plenty of hryvnia and you’ll have a fantastic time!


Meet Girls in Kiev

Staying in Kiev, foreign men often discuss time and places to meet Ukrainian girls. Wild and rowdy Kiev nightlife attracts them and they wish to meet girls in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere, but many questions come into view in connection with this. What season is the best for coming to Kiev to this cool capital that has much to offer: from nice girls to trendy clubs and ultra modern bars? What girls are better: those who came to Kiev from small provincial towns or the native dwellers of the capital? What places are the best for meeting nice chicks? Men want to get pleasure from their stay in Kiev and look for the shortest path to the desired goal. Much surely depends what goal the man set. Does he need a special lady to spend the whole life with or just looks for entertainment and pleasures of Kiev nightlife? But no matter what goal the foreign guest is trying to achieve, diverse Kiev nightlife features everything needed for him and marvelous live music clubs and exciting events will exceed the expectations of any choosy person. But you have to know about some secrets to enjoy Kiev nightlife at full! If you think, for instance, that Christmas time is the best for coming to Ukraine and getting the most from Kiev nightlife, you will probably be mistaken and disappointed. Listen to the advice of those who visited this country already not to make a mistake. The majority of Ukrainians has rest at first 2 weeks of January, therefore exclude them from the date of your potential visit. However, coming in winter can contribute to your popularity at Kiev clubs where for some reasons there are more ladies at this severe season. Kiev nightlife seems to be not at its peak then, but you can get what you need. Much attention from the opposite sex is guaranteed at this period. “Ladies nights” happened to be one of the characteristics of Kiev nightlife in winter. Happenings and thrilling events of some theme parties will bring more excitement in the company of beautiful Ukrainian girl. Kiev nightlife scene has much to offer but avoid gold diggers and prostitutes and choose to communicate with real Ukrainian ladies. Popular singers often give concerts in the clubs of the city. This is a good chance to meet a good Ukrainian girl. You should learn to see difference between party girls in the Kiev nightlife environment and nice real ladies you would like to date. With this approach you have excellent chances to spend fantastic time with really incredible girl in the easy-going atmosphere of Kiev nightlife.

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